• 4 First Games Children's Game

4 First Games Children's Game

4 First Games is a collection of four different matching games for preschoolers. Three of the games - The Bird's Nest, Garden Party and King of the Castle - feature color-matching play for children ages 3 and 4 , respectively. The fourth game, Tasty Bones, is a concept matching game geared to kids ages 5 . All of the games feature simple rules and are played with a game board and a colored die.

The Bird's Nest and Garden Party.
Colorful matching games that engage children with familiar themes.
Adventures in Game Play and Learning
Each of the four group-play games presents familiar and relatable themes for young children and features brightly-colored game boards and theme-oriented playing pieces and cards. The easiest of the games, The Bird's Nest, has players proceed along a color-coded path with movement advanced according to the role of the die. Garden Party has a similar color-matching theme with play focused on collecting and matching flowers in a flowerbed. King of the Castle introduces more components to the color-matching game play and incorporates chance cards into the mix. Tasty Bones challenges players to match different types of bones, and in more advanced game play, has game pieces moving in various directions.

Supports Basic Color and Concept Matching
4 First Games is a collection of children's games with a common matching theme that begins with easy-to-follow directions for simple turn-taking and color matching skills for very young preschoolers. Two games are directed at slightly older preschoolers, which introduce more complicated play rules that still focus on color matching skills but also movement around the board and the beginning of game strategy. With the fourth game, for children beginning school, the matching becomes more conceptual and the movement around the board offers more options and introduces the need for strategic thinking. In each game, fine motor and spatial skills, basic movement, attention to game rules and patience are sharpened and help build a child's confidence.

Colorful Designs Engage Kids
Four exciting quick-play games offer young children opportunities to interact with friends and family while learning basic game play skills that teach as they entertain. The games engage children with positive reinforcements through basic game play patterns that develop color-and concept-matching, counting and directional skills.

What's In The Box?
Two 2-sided game boards, 6 colored game pieces, 1 colored die, 44 game cards, and 1 set of instructions.

4 fun board games in 1 box. Children are introduced to the exciting world of board games with this diverse collection of dice games. Two of the four games have 2 varying skill levels for hours of play. Which flowerbed will have the brightest flowers? Which bird will get to its nest first? The simple rules and quick game play provide excitement for children ages 3 and up.

Features of 4 First Games Children's Game

  • Tasty Bones: Try to collect the most bones to feed the doggies, but you must first roll the number that gets you out of the dog bed
  • King of the Castle: Discover the creatures and animals living around the castle Sometimes they help you move forwards, but sometimes they may also move you back Hurry to be the first one to reach the castle
  • The Bird's Nest: By the roll of the die, get your bird to its nest by moving back and forth If you are lucky, you might even get there on your first try
  • Garden Party: Whoever grows the most beautiful blossoms in their flower bed first wins the game
  • Contents: 2 playing boards (each printed on both sides), 20 colored blossoms, 24 picture cards, 6 playing pieces, 1 colored die

Specifications of 4 First Games Children's Game

Product Dimensions13.2 x 9 x 2.2 inches
Shipping Weight1.6 pounds
OriginCzech Republic
Item model number22185
Our recommended age36 months - 8 years
Manufacturer recommended age36 months - 8 years

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4 First Games Children's Game

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