• Rainbow Vision Sand Picture -- Charcoal Screenie

Rainbow Vision Sand Picture -- Charcoal Screenie

Stress - Relieving Sandscapes Transform with Every Flip Funky, colorful and shaped like a 70's TV screen, the Screenies are cool interactive desk art where the sand landscapes slowly changes each and every time you turn it over. It's meditative and cool to watch! Measuring 7" x 4" Screenie frames (which include a drop in base) are made of durable plastic. The Science Behind the Sand Pictures Screenies include natural sands and crushed minerals. Water permeates between the grains, resulting in the exchange of sand and water from top to bottom. The weight of the sands creates pressure. The sands fall through the weakest links in the air barrier to create mountains, valleys and dunes. With different densities, each mineral has its own weight so these sands won't mix.

  • Mesmerizingly different with each turn. A sandpicture will do several times a day what Mother Earth takes millions of years to accomplish.
  • Watch mountains, valleys and dunes create before your eyes!
  • 4.33 x 6.66" in size. Plastic frame and base.
  • Great educational gift for children or grandchildren. Check out the Pitkin Stearns website to see the 30+ Scientific Principles!
  • Handcrafted in Lustenau, Austria by artist Klaus Bosch.


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Rainbow Vision Sand Picture -- Charcoal Screenie

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