• Polly Sand - Blue

Polly Sand - Blue

Enhance your creativity, relaxation, and sensory fun without the mess of regular sand or putty. Polly Sand moves as you work with it, continually rearranging itself. Squeeze it, shape it, or just let it run between your fingers. It looks like real sand, because it is 98% pure sand mixed with 2% of non-toxic polymer. It moves like a dense fluid without making a mess. It sticks to itself, so cleanup is a breeze, especially with the included handy storage tin.

  • Comes in a handy tin perfect for cleanup and storage.
  • Stress reducing and therapeutic. Helps with relaxation.
  • Approximately one cup of sand. Many unique colors to choose from.
  • Non-toxic. Add water to make it softer.
  • Polly Sand is pliable and moldable like putty or clay

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Polly Sand - Blue

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